Professional historian and genealogist in Lithuania Sigita Gasparaviciene

  • Professional and documentary Lithuanian genealogical, heraldic and surname research throughout the Lithuania,20110406 4
  • Educational and consultancy services,
  • Heraldry and Arms services,
  • Genealogical research and records searching conducted in all records offices, archives and libraries of Lithuania. The main Lithuanian records are housed in Vilnius, the National Archives of Lithuania, National Library. museums and etc.
  • Specializing in XVI - XIXc. Polish and Lithuanian paleography, in genealogical, heraldic research of Lithuanian noble families,
  • Photocopies of documents and translation into English.
The results of genealogical and historical research typically include:
  • research progress Reports after each action,
  • genealogical and historical data,
  • family tree,
  • a short historical information about researched community and properties,
  • records research reports may include copies of relevant documents as available.

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